1. Process for Clarifying Personal Awareness
2. Process to Build Self Awareness
3. Process for Gaining Awareness of an Issue of Concern *
4. Process for Being an Effective Change Agent
5. Process for Assessing Personal Leadership Qualities
6. Process for Discovering Areas of Personal Ignorance *
7. Process for Enhancing Personal Creativity *
8. Process for Running a Project Dreaming Circle *

(1) to develop awareness

To develop an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, dreams and visions appopriate to working in the community


To effectively define a problem that can be converted into a personel project of developmental community work


To understand the process by which change occurs, and relate this process to clarifying your own concerns


To learn how to establish effective project objectives in the area of developmental community work


To learn the skills for raising personal & group consciousness about issues of personal, group, community & world concern