Considering Alternatives


28. Process for Choosing Amongst Alternative Processes
29. Process for Effective Brainstorming Sessions
30. Process for Applying the Approach of Constructive Controversy
31. Process for Successful Intervention in Group Functioning
32. Process for Avoiding Tunnel Thinking *
33. Process for Getting to Win-Win Solutions *
34. Process for Resolving Conflicts Successfully
35. Process for Handling Emotions in Groups
36. Process for Creative Problem Solving in Groups

(4) to consider alternatives

To develop the skills to effectively form a new community group, organisation or agency


To use appropriate brainstorming & search conferencing methods in the design of community projects and programs


To understand conscientization, & be able to apply the technique to a range of appropriate community situations


To effectively handle personal & group emotions in an expressive and humanising fashion to energise required changes


To gain the skills necessary to effectively handle inter & intra group conflicts & controversies