Management and Administration



69. Process for Reviewing Available Resource Provision
70. Process for Establishing Group Norms and Operating Procedures
71. Process for Organising a Promotion or Marketing Strategy
72. Process for Organising a Community Information Strategy
73. Process for Gathering Information for a Community Campaign
74. Process for Creating a Scenario for a Community Campaign
75. Process for Dealing with Opponents in a Community Campaign
76. Process for Organising a Public Relations Campaign
77. Process for Effective Communication in Establishing Public Relations
78. Process for Organising a Media Press Conference
79. Process for Countering a Negative Public Relations Image
80. Process for Organising Media Files
81. Process for Writing a Letter to the Editor
82. Process for Organising a Press or Media Release
83. Process for Organising a Visit or Presentation
84. Process for Producing a Newsletter
85. Process of Organising Layout for a Newsletter
86. Process for Writing for a Newsletter