Oktober 2010

Dragon Dreaming Intensiv:

Mo. 11.-Fr. 15.Oktober 2010


Beginn: Montag, 11.10.10, 19.30 Uhr

Ende: Freitag, 15.10.10, 14 Uhr.

15-20 Teilnehmer


Facilitator: John Croft

Co-Facilitator: Michael Plesse

Seminargebühr: 260€




Edermünde bei Kassel

Falls die Teilnahme Ihr finanzielles Budget überfordert, suchen wir gerne mit Ihnen nach einer Lösung.




Orgoville-Büro, Andrea Witzmann: Orgoville@t-online.de,

Tel: 09708 / 7059099


In this workshop Dragon Dreaming is directly applied to exemplary projects. Participants are invited to bring their own dreams and ideas concerning projects that can be realised within a 6-month
period. More in depth knowledge about the different phases of project planning and realisation is transferred. Participants will leave with a wealth of inspiration and materials that enable them to
start working with DD in their own projects and organisations.