September 2010

Dragon Dreaming Introduction 19.-21.09.2010 September

Dragon Dreaming supports individuals, organisations and communities in creating successful projects for sustainability from their collective dreams and visions in highly effective ways. It makes sure that every individual finds his or her place in the whole naturally and quickly. DD honours the fact that once we follow our hearts intent, the separation between work and play dissolves. The actual plan for the project (including timelines, assignment of responsibilities and budgeting) takes on the form of a game board, which is then played out in real life. DD is inspired by modern Organisational Learning and Development theories, by New Physics, by Systems Theory and the wisdom of ancient traditions (Aborigines). It aims at empowering individuals, building community and bringing forth projects that are truly and effectively serving the whole.
"Dragon dreaming" seminars with John Croft and Co-Facilitator Julia
, in cooperation with GEN-Europe in Siebenlinden, Poppau.

Dragon Dreaming Intensive 21.-26.09.2010

In this workshop Dragon Dreaming is directly applied to exemplary projects. Participants are invited to bring their own dreams and ideas concerning projects that can be realised within a 6-month period. More in depth knowledge about the different phases of project planning and realisation is transferred. Participants will leave with a wealth of inspiration and materials that enable them to start working with DD in their own projects and organisations.
Please note: If more than one of the Dragon Dreaming workshops is booked, we offer a reduction. If this is successful, attendance will be vastly less costly. Please ask for information. Times: Arrival 17:00, Dinner 18:00, Start of workshop 20:30 o'clock Departure on the last day after lunch, 14:00 o'clock (for each of the workshops) Facilitation: John Croft : Organisational Consultant und Project manager, Gaia Foundation Australia and Julia Kommerell : Co-Facilitator, Sieben Linden Information:; Enrollment: Freundeskreis Ökodorf e.V., Tel. 039000-51235, Email: